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The fundamental objective of tapping on notice by clients is getting the substance they need to see. Be that as it may, the inner procedure should deal with the notice and the profound connection inside this notification.  On Others hand, tapping on Add post notice ought to divert the client to Add post screen inside the application. The test originates from taking care of the warning and profound connection that relates this notice to our app.  At the day’s end, iOS is only liable for propelling your application with the pack that has the tag for you to realize which screen/activity you ought to divert the client to.

OpenSooq is advancing quickly including new highlights each delivery, changing the plans to stay up with the latest to the market necessities. The vast majority of these highlights have profound connects to it. Along these lines, the issue of handling the warning taking care of ascends, particularly that we have UI changes on each delivery that it can break a couple of profound connections.

Suppose you have to test 80 profound connections and every one needs ~3 mins to test physically. Thus, the all out of testing will become 4 hours, and this is a misuse of analyzer time.  Testing them physically is like transferring the ocean water to another ocean in a spoon.

The Definition of Deep Linking?

You have without a doubt seen that when you click on a connection, or even message pop-ups, you will be diverted to the application that is related with this connection, as opposed to opening a site page. This conduct happens simply because this application underpins profound connections. Profound connections will guide you to a particular thing or bit of substance inside the application itself (considering application exists). Without the utilization of a profound connection, you would be diverted to the application’s site page or landing page.

The significance of profound connections in applications, in contrast to site pages, is expanding since applications don’t all share an asset route standard, for example, HTTP and URL. Each application has an alternate plan, and this correspondence hole between applications can be connected utilizing a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Model: your-application conspire://data=abc.

The Story of Deep Links with OpenSooq

As we said before, changes in code from the iOS designer or the backend side can influence a profound connection’s capacity to carry on effectively. Testing every profound connection physically would be tedious and tedious. Rather, we have figured out how to actualize a mechanization test for every profound connection utilizing the “UI Testing” include in Xcode and the iMessage App! Indeed, the iMessage App can in certainty help us to achieve this strategic. The procedure of how this is really done will be introduced beneath.


1-From “Test Navigator” in Xcode make “New UI Test Target”, Your record will resemble this:

2-Add iMessage App important capacities to a similar class so your Test document can reach iMessage application.

3-Add test strategies and cases to the class that you made.

Presently from “Test Navigator” you can run the case you need.

Or on the other hand you can run them all simultaneously.

When you run your test it will resemble this:

Xcode will work you which test passed and which one fizzled.

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